Secure Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

The project "Secure Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks" focuses on the design and implementation of Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANETs) in security-relevant environments. MANETs are self-configuring mobile multihop networks, where each node may not only act as a transmitter or receiver, but also as a relay station for other nodes. These networks are also called mobile mesh network. Each device in the network can independently move in any direction. This causes frequently changing links to the devices and leads to additional complexity since a multitude of different functions have to be performed compared to a cellular network with fixed infrastructure.

The developed algorithms will be demonstrated on a Software-Defined Radio (SDR) fast-prototyping hardware. A SDR is a hardware unit based on a collection of hardware and software technologies. One special feature of SDRs is the reconfiguration of the system architecture by means of software. This approach increase significantly the flexibility by having different standards (e.g. IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth, WiMAX, etc.) on one hardware unit at the same time.

The simulation for the designed Physical Layer occurs in MATLAB Simulink, while the layer above are simulated in OMNeT++.

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