Unidirectional Narrowband Physical Layer Demonstration System


Mathias Dehm, Sebastian Helmle, Michael Kuhn, and Dirk Pesch


This paper concentrates on the physical layer of a single-carrier narrowband mobile ad-hoc network. All aspects of parameter estimation and synchronization are considered and the full transmission chain has been implemented on a software defined radio (SDR) board to provide a proof of concept. The paper shows the system performance with respect to carrier frequency offset and transmitting power. Previous investigations have shown that the detection probability of the transmitted bursts has a significant impact on the overall system performance. Therefore, different training sequences are compared to detectthe bursts, i.e. a maximum length sequence (m-sequence) and a constant amplitude zero autocorrelation sequence (CAZAC-sequence). The paper discusses the results obtained from our hardware demonstration system.


Collaborative European Research Conference (CERC) 2013, Cork, Ireland, October 2013

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